Published Work

After Midnight, in a Dead Woman’s Shoes”, published in the Summer 2022 issue of Kaleidotrope. July 2022.

“Late Night at the Low Road Diner”, published in Noir Fire: A Gritty Speculative Fiction Anthology. June 2022. reprint

“Mudpaws and the Tall Thing”, published in Alternative Deathiness (on Amazon in print and Kindle). November 2021.

Small-Town Spirit”, published in issue 97 of Fireside Magazine. November 2021.

The Gannet Girl”, published in episode 690 of PodCastle. 3 August 2021. reprint

“Ink, and Breath, and Spring”, published in The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2020 (at Kobo, IndieBound, and Amazon). Ebook January 2021; print August 2021. reprint

The Draw of Empty Spaces”, published in issue 3 of Cossmass Infinities. September 2020.

Ink, and Breath, and Spring”, published in episode 637 of PodCastle. 28 July 2020. reprint

Mechanical Connection”, published in issue 1 of Cossmass Infinities. January 2020.

The Smell of Antiseptic(link to excerpt), published in issue 25 of Pulp Literature. Winter 2020.

“Ink, and Breath, and Spring”, published in issue 40 of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet. November 2019.

Interview with Cortesa Singh”, published here and on Twitter to promote the After the War Kickstarter. 12 November 2018.

Late Night at the Low Road Diner”, published in issue 5 of Liminal Stories. August 2018.

“Thou Unnecessary Letter”, published in the No Shit, There I Was… anthology. February 2017.

Playing Prometheus”, published in PerVisions. 18 November 2016.

“The Gannet Girl”, published in issue 102 of On Spec magazine. May 2016.

Abishag Mary(link to excerpt), published in The Weird Wild West anthology. December 2015.

Five Drinks in Siltown”, published in issue 8 of Betwixt Magazine. July 2015.

Palimpsest”, published in issue 2 of The Sockdolager. June 2015.

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