Man’s reach should exceed his grasp.

Season 1, episode 4 of AHS; note that I am a twit, and that I was (until John pointed out) completely oblivious to the fact that every single episode so far has opened with a murder.

Quicknotes, spoilers following:

Holy crap, talk about the episode of people wanting what they can’t have.

Tate wants to be sane; oh god, does he want to be sane.  Addy wants to be a pretty girl, and her attempts to do that end up horribly.  (I wonder how she’ll adapt to dying, and if she’ll show up in the house.)  Moira wants to go with her mother, and after the gazebo reburial last episode that is really not happening.  Dr. Charles Montgomery wants his child brought back to life.

On much milder notes, Chad wants the house to be perfect, and Patrick wants love.  Larry wants his thousand dollars, which  Ben honestly might not even have at this point.

(Also, the child kidnapped by someone who wants revenge on the father shows up twice here.  The Harmons are considerably luckier than the Montgomerys, I think, in that there might actually be a ransom demand.)

Final note: in Hayden’s appearance on the doorstep, she seems to be missing her right eye; I don’t think that’s just a shadow, it looks much too distinct, although combined with the lines at the corner of her mouth it could just be skull-evoking makeup.  That would put the number of people with one good eye up to three–Hayden, Moira, and Larry–and I’m wondering if that’s going to be built on.

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