Back to the secrets of houses, and the horror therein.

Finally catching up with American Horror Story.  Not tonight’s episode, but last week’s.  Nonetheless, spoiler break, since I have no idea if anyone else is lagging as much as I am.  (Apparently it’s being broadcast later in some places?)

I am rather pleased with how the reveal about Tate was handled over the last few episodes. There are only so many ways to do it, I think, but Violet actually meeting Tate’s victims–accepting their reality by interacting with them–and then finding out what he did and that he’s dead… that’s a nice one.  The shock still comes from the newspaper article reveal, but it’s become undeniable; the kind of thing that doesn’t really deserve more than Violet’s desperate two sentences of denial.

I think he’s my favourite character.  I know it’s easy for him to be that, but… he’s sick, he wants to get better.  Been there.  Hard for me to hate him.  As the teacher says, maybe he wasn’t a good person… but if he was or not is not the point.  The first time we see him, he’s trying to get help for these feelings that have/will lead him to murdering a lot of people.  Whatever he wants, part of him does not want this.

Ben’s claim of “That’s right. I’m the daddy.” is filmed in that double-cut style that the show uses when haunts are dealing with the real world. I mean, it’s not like we didn’t have a great whacking clue or five that Vivien’s baby is house-born, but the confirmation, such as it is, is nice.  (Hmh.  I should rewatch the scene of Vivien and the thing in the suit… I can’t remember if she saw it as Ben).

What else is showing up this episode? Mirrors, I guess. Violet slitting her throat in reflection, and Ben’s patient with the fear of assorted urban legends (and now I want to think about how often mirrors show up in urban legends, as a way to invoke, but that is a tangent).

Glad they finally addressed affording Moira.

Back to Tate: not sure how sound Constance’s claim that he doesn’t know what he is is.  He did know that he could go outside on Hallowe’en… of course, maybe that’s just reflex, a case of the usual can’t-do-that not kicking in the way it does every other day of the year.

I’m not sure I’m entirely a fan of the Revelations theme that’s creeping in.  I get it–I mean, it’s the Bible, it is a hugely pervasive perspective, so I understand Leah and the ultrasound technician clicking into it–but I don’t know that it suits the show.

I am glad Tate saved Violet.

I’m sick at the moment, and very tired, and a little spacey.  I just told Ben that he was being an ass and that I had had a nicer therapist than him, when he was telling his patient to man up and go fucking confront his fears.  (This actually resulted in pausing the show and discussing a couple of therapy sessions with John.)  I think I should probably call it a night.

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