Goddamn. O.o

Think I can safely say that’s the longest stretch of quiet since I started this thing, and am really glad that it was still only a three-day silence.

Not getting enough sleep.  Work’s coming on, carrying on, I’m getting to start to work on the second stage of the process as  well as the first… or the second-and-fourth as well as the first-and-third.  Got a bunch of holiday cards written and addressed.  Completely failed to get to bed early any of the nights I said I was going to, and did I mention not getting enough sleep?  Sleep debt, FTR, is distinctly unfun.  I’m running on about 5.5 hours last night, right now, and that’s not the first short night this week.

Lord I’m tired.  >.<

Managed to finish a couple of books this weekend; still not at the 83 I wanted to read this year, but getting way closer.

Need to head out soon.  Will try and find time to sketch up a couple of posts at work today, sit down and actually type something once I get home.  The gap in content… I know this isn’t exactly a daily stop for anyone, but it’s still an embarrassing thing to not get it done, especially when I think I could have had the time if I’d planned better.

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