Open question.

Why do you own the books you do? I mean, why did you buy them instead of take them out of the library; why did you keep them instead of reselling or trading or giving them away?

What makes them worth it?

5 thoughts on “Open question.”

  1. I rarely buy books myself, but I get quite a few for gifts. If I do buy a book, it’s because it seems feasible that I would want to read it more than once, someone else in my family wants to read it, or I’m going to use it in a discussion or a paper. ALSO a good sale or a coupon will bring me into a bookstore, just itching to buy something with a brand-new paper smell.

    1. *nods* Do you keep any of the gifted ones out of sentiment? (I mean, I’m assuming most of them are ones you want and like the contents of, but in the cases where they’re not to your taste…)

  2. I usually but secondhand books because they’re cheaper and it’s pretty neat to think about who else has read the book. But I would rather check out books from a public library…but sometimes there isn’t a library near me that contains books in English 🙁

    1. I love secondhand books. 🙂 Mind, I love firsthand books too, just not the prices. Once you’re done with the secondhand books, what do you do with them?

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