Life lessons

Yesterday, I fell asleep in the late afternoon, and woke up around ten p.m.  I was feeling a bit muzzy, and it seemed too late to cook, so dinner happened by virtue of the fact that a 24-hour restaurant (at least over the weekend) has recently opened up.  So after getting out of the house (which can take a while, when there is no great hurrying deadline) and having dinner, I got home around one a.m., meandered slowly in the general direction of bed, and fell asleep two hours later.

I woke up around ten this morning, and I was feeling fine.  Got up and helped make chowder for the crockpot, made coffee, and sat down in the living room.  There was a little TV, a lot of poking at the computer that didn’t really accomplish much, and a sort of quietly increasing anxiety.  I managed to make dinner anyway, and was just sitting down to it when I looked at my plate and a sudden realization struck me.

This was breakfast.

Food and a lot of water helped the stress and tension, some.  I’m currently tidying up the kitchen (alright, I am taking a break from tidying up the kitchen because everything is handled except waiting for the dishwasher to finish at which point I can cycle the next load through), and being mildly annoyed at myself.  A whole day, drat it.

Things I have learnt: Don’t do this.

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