Thoughts on a recent movie.

Holy class warfare, Batman. (Spoilers follow.)

It pains me a bit to say it, but I think that would have been a much better movie if Batman had not been around for the second half of it. The light of my life suggests that Batman showing up in a wheelchair to actually have a plan would have been good; I would have been happy to do without even that, because really, John Blake made that movie for me and I think Selena Kyle could have been good and hey, more Gordon and Fox and Alfred.

…hell, make it the second two-thirds.  Let Batman show up in a wheelchair, play Oracle’s role, gather information and plan.  Batman is supposed to be brilliant at planning.  Give the others room to breathe and act. Have the movie be about how the Dark Knight Rises, and let that Dark Knight be John Blake; let someone pick up the mask that has mattered so much through these stories.

I would watch that.  I would watch that twice.

So yeah.  Overall, I am glad I didn’t miss this, and I would go see a movie about John Blake, but I would want it to be better than this one.

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