A day of new things, small and satisfying

First, CanCon is coming up again! Last year was deeply informative and engaging (and may have led to a substantial acquisition of books); am looking forward to this one. And as an email that came in late last night reminded me, I have already paid the membership fee.

(The email was addressed to “Mr. $Lastname”, which I consider to be a novel but fairly unremarkable entry in the perpetual misspellings of my name.)

Second, the latest Lovecraft eZine is out. On a related note, the thirteenth issue of Innsmouth Free Press came out a few weeks ago, and they have the usual excellent mix of more recent articles as well.

It is good, sometimes, to remember to stop, breathe, and smell the flowers. Even, perhaps especially, the ones which evoke Rappacinni’s Garden.

(Sign of the times: my phone tried to correct that to Topatoco’s Garden. Someday I will properly finish customizing its dictionary.)

2 thoughts on “A day of new things, small and satisfying”

  1. Nice reference to Rappaccini! I’d never heard of that story and had to look it up. Any day I learn something is a good day.

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