Drowning in information

The last couple of days, I have not kept on top of my e-mail inbox as much as I otherwise might, in an ideal world.  And I have a fair amount of e-mail coming in, what with one thing and another and follows and notifications and updates and this and that, not to mention a small spike coordinating with a couple of people for splitting shipping on an absolutely lovely jewelry sale.

I had 431 e-mails in my inbox.  303 of them were unread.

(In a fit of composure of which I am rather proud, I did not actually flee screaming from the keyboard.  Go me.)

I now have only 335 in my inbox, and 210 of them are unread.  Am hoping I can get the unreads down to double digits by the end of the night weekend.

There has got to be a better way to handle my e-mails.  However, I am pretty sure that actually having the metaphorical space to implement that better way involves a through unf*cking of my inbox, and that currently feels more than a little daunting.  (Plus I am running low on junk TV to put on while I work on this, so my options seem to be “get distracted by interesting entertainment” or “get bored because there’s nothing in the background”.)

(…wow, talk about a first-world problem.  I will stop complaining now.)

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