Life is wet.

(Sorry, the phrase has been stuck in my head for a while. Specifically related to petrichor, actually.)

I made dinner, tonight. I also made glue. Unfortunately, the two overlapped.

There was a particular time I was aiming to have dinner ready for, and since I had a little time in advance, I figured I’d get everything ready to cook ahead of time. (I understand people who do not make the kind of mistakes I made call this a mise en place.) So I measured out the appropriate amount of chives, mixed the broth and spices, measured out the butter and left it to soften in a cat-free zone at room temperature so it’d melt faster, and chopped and floured the chicken.

The error, in retrospect, should have been obvious.

Raw chicken is moist.

When you add flour to cubed raw chicken, you are (besides creating something that always makes me think of Turkish Delight) adding flour to moisture and creating a paste.

As I am reminded anew every time I make bread dough, there is a reason flour paste is used as glue.

Oh well. It delayed dinner a bit, but the end result was good, and the leftovers are already boxed for meals for later, so yay. (They are also already boxed because it vastly reduces the odds that I will go for seconds, which is always a tempting danger with a dish that has a lemon/butter/salt/garlic sauce, I am just saying.)

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