American Horror Story episode 9

…..aaaaand Ben just became unspeakable.

Given that about five minutes ago Constance turned into one of the more likeable characters on the show, and she hasn’t changed much, this should indicate that the bar is currently set really bloody low.  There was a moment where I really felt for Moira, which I don’t usually when she’s been seen by Ben.


It’s touching on the obsessed-over ideals of fame and love pretty well.  Really well, actually.

We haven’t seen Violet yet, and only seen Tate for thirty seconds.  And I’m feeling sorry for Hayden; I want to smack her,  and I think she’s seeing things with a warped perspective, but I’m feeling sorry for her.

Right.  Working on finishing up the second half of my reaction to the last two episodes.  I think Constance might end up dropping back down to Ben levels of–

Oh holy fucking hell, yay Moira, yay, I am going to keep watching now.

(Even if they are dragging in something in by the heels that makes me hope the writers are screwing around, because in terms of plausibility it’s reminding me of the opening to Deep Blue Sea where the sharks attacked a ship because red wine was spilt into the water.  And you know, it’s red stuff spilling through the water!  That’s what sets them off, right?)

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