AHS again

Alright.  Caught episodes 7 and 8 of American Horror story a couple of days ago, and taken together I’m actually really annoyed with the way the story is going.  Spoilers follow.

First off, I know part of this might be annoyance over Tate being written as such a villain and so heavily coded as a rapist.  I liked him.  Yes, there was the shortcut through my consideration that the trope “mentally ill person wanting to get better” does if it’s done at all well, but justified or not, sourced in misjudgement or not, I liked him.  And he was monstrously cruel, and that it was in such a cowardly way upset me even more.  He’s hanging around Nora, and he takes her shaken comment as a reason to go killing and– the sheer abdication of resposibility, I mean I get it, but–

Agh.  Dammit.

Don’t know what they’re going to do with him now.  Suppose I will be interested to watch; it this a turning point in the presentation of the character?  Meant to be just a speed bump?  What?


John noticed Ben being drawn to the house; I blinked past it, but he’s right.  He got shot and he doesn’t leave the house.  I understand wanting to stay with Violet, but he got shot.  Even if the writers are not up on exactly how weird this reaction to a gunshot is[1], it does not seem like Ben would skip getting checked out.  And he’s always coming by, always stopping over; yes, he works there, but if he tried I’m guessing he could find some other place to see people.

The house does seem to have a fondness for medical professionals.  Even when it was a sorority, it was a sorority whose members all seemed to be nurses.  Leads me to wonder if there’s any intent there, or if there’s simply a groove worn into reality that has things keep slipping back to the same patterns, an echo of the way the house preserves things.

[1] Was looking up gunshot wounds at one point.  One accidental shooting where the bullet “went right through” took sixteen months to heal up.  No, sure, get a bandage and go lie down, that’ll fix it…

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