Still aten’t dead.

If say it was a very busy weekend, but honestly it was just a very sick one. Which naturally cleared up just in time for work Monday. Probably for the best, all told. Paycheques and all that.

Currently hoping to be at work on time despite being stuck in traffic so slow that I could get out and walk faster. Tired. Worrying about the holidays, and not being able to get the people I want to give things the stuff I’d like to get them. It’s a matter of time rather than money, which I guess is good in terms of what it implies overall? That I’m busy, and that I’m not broke.

I just want ten hours of uninterrupted sleep, dammit. It’s not the holidays alone, or work alone, or cleaning, or any one thing. But I just need to stop feeling like I could fall asleep at my desk.

(Going to theatre tomorrow. Horribly horribly afraid I will fall asleep during and incredibly hurt the feelings of person I am going with. Coffee with dinner, I guess…)

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