American Horror Story, the embarrassment

Sitting down to watch episode eleven of AHS, and the psychic has just explained about the draw of the house.  The words “paramagnetic force” and “physics” were involved.  And…

I don’t think I have ever heard a more mood-breaking description of the dry-cell battery of evil.  And I have heard some really bad ones.  (And read them, but for the sake of the discussion, those are also covered in this complaint.)  It was …embarrassing.  And the description of the Roanoke colony, and the banishment curse, and… gah.

Patrick losing his temper with Tate marks the sorriest I’ve felt for any of the haunts in a while; since Moira watching the gazebo go up, I think.

…okay, credit where it’s due; pretty much everything from Vivien coming back to the house to now (when I am starting to suspect she’s going to die, but we’ll see) is pretty well done.  Constance saying “Doctor Harmon. It’s time,” is reminding me very much of scenes from Burnt Offerings.  And the exchange between Chad and Violet by the furnace was very well done, and went a fair ways towards taking the bad taste of the Roanoke scene out of my mouth.

Violet and Tate seem really… plausible, I guess?  Will try and work that out later.  Meantime, will note that Tate’s offer to leave Violet alone forever if she wanted was made after she died.  I’m not sure how much that changes it.

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