Since we’ve finished watching Leverage, I’m looking for a new TV show.  A friend recommended Alphas, which I’d heard nothing about.  Looked up a very quick summary–it appears to be people with low-level superpowers who are working to stop other people with low-level superpowers from being bad guys.

Having seen the first episode, I have to say I like it.  Five of the six Alphas are very well-drawn; a little simple so far (which is fine for the first episode), but distinctive. The sixth is a deliberate cipher, so that’s fine.  The moral ambiguity with Red Flag and Rosen’s superiors is the kind of thing I’d expect to come up with this setup, and I’m glad it’s being established so early.

Small spoiler and additional note after the cut:

The first episode loses points for the tactical kiss; granted that they established that a strong emotional response may interfere with brainwashing, but I do not buy that getting kissed by a coworker would induce it in Bill.  Telling him “Bill, that’s not Lee Rosen, that’s your wife” (the same way she made a brochure look like a search warrant)–that I would have bought.

Still, I guess she only had to distract him long enough to get injected, so okay.

It’s just dawned on me that after just one episode, I can name all six main characters.  And it usually takes me a bit to pick up names.  It’s a good sign.

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