Come and get some mercy.

Well, season 2 of Z Nation is complete and I am giddy.

There are other shows with zombies (I am pretty sure… although these days I’m only watching iZombie, and it kind of doesn’t count). There are other shows with pulpy, bright-and-quickly-drawn characters.  There are other shows with kind of cheesy premises that carry themselves through sheer momentum.


To my knowledge, there are no other shows where the season finale involves the tough-as-nails leader of our heroes in a knock-down drag-out fight with the quasi-zombified narco who wanted her help building a new world order, just before the foreign army arrives in fighter jets and the snarky MacGuffin escapes the submarine full of glowing-blue-eyed not-quite-stormtroopers that was going to take him to the secret island where a select few members of humanity are selfishly surviving the apocalypse.

Plus I am pretty sure Doc is actually astrally projecting.

I kind of love this show. It reminds me of the kind of giddy slapdash feeling I got reading The Destroyer novels years ago, and I appreciate that.

(Also, the submarine ended up being on fire. And exploding.)

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