Words and days

So, the Rejectionist (Sarah McCarry’s blog, which I know of and have dipped into but have not settled down and regularly followed[1]) is currently working on an interview project; she’s looking to post interviews with writers who manage depression and mental illness.

Looking at the rest of what she’s written, I think it will be an interesting and informative series to follow.

(There is something I have been trying to articulate about depression, even if it isn’t particularly new or insightful, but it hasn’t gelled for a bit. Will try and get it out this month.)
[1] Can I have more time, please? Like… four hours a day more time. Four hours a day where I could spend three on nothing but reading, and one on cleaning. Just a year of twenty-eight hour days.

One thought on “Words and days”

  1. 4 more hours a day would be nice. Although having a set sleeping pattern would be good too. For now I give up and I sleep when I am tired and I don’t lay there for hours NOT SLEEPING. So now I try make something of it. I repaired a cat bed for Bag of Bones; not that he cares. He would care if I had repaired with hot dogs. My youngest loves them dogs… I just came out of a depression. I think this one very short, something like 4 days. I fought. I could feel myself wanting to pull away from everyone. But the taking of omega 3 really helps. Scientific evidence too.

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