Coming in fast, because music.

I mean, look at this cover.
I mean, look at this cover.

Because rock’n’roll.

It’s been a really stressful few weeks, and I haven’t been saying much. (I got bitten by a German Shepherd last month, did I mention? Stupid owner.) I’ve been low on time and low on energy, but I ran across something and thought I should mention:

I ran into The Truth of Rock and Roll. (Scroll down.)

I’ve been tired enough that it’s been easy to drop onto TV Tropes and let it eat my attention and my time for fifteen, twenty minutes at a stretch (which is really longer than I’d like right now), and I wandered onto the page for The Truth of Rock and Roll, and…

At first I thought it sounded twee. But the tropes page mentioned a shout-out to that much-loved-by-me Walter-Hill-scored-by-Jim-Steinman this-is-where-the-80s-gets-kidnapped-by-the-70s-and-saved-by-the-50s heartsong of a movie Streets of Fire, and mentioned it was serialized on the author’s blog. And I figured, well, I’d take a quick look. Blogs are easier for me to read than ebooks, and if it’s serialized it’ll have natural breaking points, won’t take up too much time.

(It starts here, by the way. Five parts.)

Take a look.

3 thoughts on “Coming in fast, because music.”

    1. God, that movie is beautiful. Have you seen the semi-sequel Road to Hell? I confess I haven’t tried, since it sounds very different in tone, and I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy it. (I am pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy it as much, but there isn’t much I would enjoy as much.)

      I think the description of it you mention might be a riff off Hill’s–I recall that he’s supposed to have summarized it as “The Queen of the Hop is kidnapped by the Leader of the Pack and Soldier Boy comes home to do something about it.”

      I’d gotten the same started-dirt-poor impression of Billy Fish that you did, and think you’re right; I will pay more attention to him when I watch again, as well as geeking very hard on McCoy, who I have always rather loved.

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