The Western Weird.

Yesterday, my contributors copies of The Weird Wild West came in. (They should have come sooner, but apparently there was some trouble, for which I suspect I should blame Canada Post; in any case, I would like to say that everyone at eSpec Books was absolutely lovely to deal with, and thank them all.)

I’m in a book. I’m in a book with an ISBN, and people said nice things about my story. One of the editors had a lovely reaction to it, and Amazing Stories called it a strong start to the anthology, and overall I am hugely pleased.

WWW_insideAnd the art is beautiful. I can’t take a good picture of any of the full-page pieces (and I suspect that might not be cool, in any case), but look at my extremely clumsy picture of that beautiful story header. Look. <3

Anyway, it’s on Amazon; you can get it starting at $5 for the ebook, or in trade paperback. And there’s a lovely page at the front with all the author’s names, and space for signatures; I’m planning to take one of my copies to cons, and get as many as I can.

3 thoughts on “The Western Weird.”

  1. So glad they finally got there! And definitely glad you’re happy with it! It was a really good story 🙂 And at the Balticon Book Launch we’ll have pirate-themed prizes in the raffle in honor of it 🙂

    1. Thank you again. It’s a beautiful book, and I’m so pleased to see my story in the company of all the other works in the book. <3 (I wish I could be at the launch! I hope it goes smashingly well.)

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