Take me home.

I’ve just finished a first draft of the novelette (I ultimately didn’t go with the restructuring I was hopping to do, because of time contraints) and given it to my weekly writing group for crit, and this morning I was casting about to find something to distract me from “oh dear god did I actually leave all those things in there they are so goofy.”

Bethesda stepped up.

I was gleeful to start with, and then someone pointed out that at 0:29, you can see a date on the PIP-Boy, and that the year is 2102. In-universe, this puts it 25 years after the Great War and 159 years before the first Fallout.

It’s not that I don’t love the Fallout setting, and the way the institutions have grown up over time (and yes, still ridiculously pleased that the Khans survived New Vegas; they’ve been around longer than the NCR!), but I love the Fallout world, too, and am very curious to see what it was like a mere generation after the bombs fell.

I am so very much looking forward to this.

Writing is easy. Rewriting…

Rewriting is being a bit more difficult.

In addition to the trouble I’ve been having with editing the novel, my rewrites of the novelette that my handwritten draft turned into have been really hard to get into. It’s been a little better this long weekend, but it’s still taking longer than I thought. I’m not entirely sure that the way I’ve rearranged the story is a good one, but I know I’ll be able to better figure that out once it’s actually complete.

On the plus side, I actually did finish the edits for a short story and send them back, so I’m pleased about that. I did spend what might be a ridiculously long time trying to find a substitute for one particular word, and I’m still not sure I made the right decision, but at least the edits are done.

In a perfect, world, with unlimited time (and possibly without the need for sleep) I would spend another few hours on it at least, but unfortunately I only have so much time, and I need to figure out where I get the best returns on spending it.